Company Profile

We are passionate about POTATO SEEDS;
the drive behind this organization was the desire to bring Potato seeds to the farmers at the most affordable prices.


We are passionate about POTATO SEEDS; the drive behind this organization was the desire to bring Potato seeds to the farmers at the most affordable prices. It has been one of our aims to make potato production affordable to any farmer despite the size of their farming space.
It is from the above background that the Director of EDDA SEEDS Dr Edward Chaora, went as far as INDIA to have a special seed developed for potato production. THE BOTANICAL TRUE POTATO SEED (TPS Es-295) has been our main product since 2005; we took 2 years putting it on trials so that we can come up with a perfected product for our farmers. It is then from these seeds that we started selling tubers emanating from the True Potato Seeds and later stretched our wings into the selling of the local potato tubers, which we source from Nyanga and surrounding areas

Company Strategy


To be a leader of the potato seed industry offering enhanced products & services, relationship & profitability to our valuable customers.


To provide quality seeds, services and go an extra mile in providing agronomic assistance that exceeds the expectancy of our esteemed customers.


To build long term relationships with farmers and provide exceptional customer care services as well as in-depth agronomic assistance, while pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.


We believe in treating our farmers with respect and faith. We grow through creativity, invention and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business foundations.


Regional expansion in the field of agriculture & farming and develop a strong base of key farmers. We are also aiming at increasing the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services. Edda Seeds would want to build a good reputation in the field of real farming and become a key player in the industry It is part of our plan to also stretch our wings and venture into other Horticultural produce were we will also become one of the key suppliers of these seeds


Edda Seeds conducts potato seeds selling; supplying as well as potato production trainings The Company manages farms for its customers by providing agronomic advice as well as working with farmers on their farms. We have experienced agronomist particularly for this task and it has maintained our good name as well as good relationship with customers.


Edda Seeds has a small but effective group of dedicated employees, who are not only passionate about farming but the customers as well. We have trained and experienced agronomists, who are not only blinkered to potato but have vast knowledge in farming and agriculture.
Our sales and marketing department has also been doing a tremendous job in putting EDDA SEEDS on the map in the agricultural sector. They are also equipped with agronomic knowledge so that they can efficiently assist our farmers and customers.
The support of our accounts department cannot go unmentioned; they keep us afloat in business and are well trained in customer care to keep our farmers happy.
Our potato seed need to be well maintained, kept clean and disease free, thumbs up to our workshops guys who keep the seed up to scratch and well maintained.


We have been specializing in potato production for a very long time. It has been one of goals to make potato production as easy as possible for our customers and farmers, to achieve this we have been training farmers in this respect. We sale the Botanical True Potato seeds Es- 295 which was propagated in India for EDDA SEEDS, thus we are the only distributors of the Es – 295. Apart from the above, we also sale potato tuber seeds and we often specialize in the following varieties;



c) BP1

For now potato is the only product that is being sold by EDDA SEEDS, in different varieties….


Edda Seeds is working so hard in the selling of other horticultural seeds, to maintain our standards; we first put our seeds over trial periods before we distribute it to the farmers. In due course as soon as our seeds are successful we will be distributing them at affordable prices as usual.

OUR SERVICES- Customers are our top priority and their success in the field really matters to us, as such Edda Seeds goes an extra mile with the customers offering the following services:

1. Sowing seeds & transplanting (for botanical true potato seeds)

2. Planting with farmers at their farms

3. Potato production trainings

4. Agronomic advices and scouting services

5. We are also working hard to provide market to our valued customers for their produce